Autumn in Tennessee
Pooh the Comforter (featuring my son's very loved Pooh Bear)

Mt. Bachelor, OR

Mt. bachelor.pond
my friend and i were on our way for a day of kayaking,

clad in t-shirts and shorts

it WAS spring 

after a 60 second conversation we made an abrupt left turn into

the Mt. Bachelor Ski Lift parking lot. 

Climbing into the chair (my first ski lift ride) my heart raced. i was snapping pictures and screaming (yes, out loud) all the way up

to say it was breathtaking is not enough. If heaven had a thesaurus i would find a better word. 

it was windy and cold and exhilarating beyond belief  

to look down on other mountains was strange and powerful

they didn't seem so daunting

another view   another perspective

i think i'll revisit that thought today   


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