Autumn in Tennessee



Your blog is wonderful! I love do have a gift. The photos are amazing and thoughts inspiring...


Hi Sis...thank you so very is a work in progress..i'm loving the learning part...i have a follower already who has commented. are you home yet?


Congratulations for taking the plunge into the blogging world. I just wrote my 89th and when I started I didn't think I would have anything anyone else would be interested in. Getting involved in things like Pink Saturday and some of the challenges have been the best way for me to get involved. Go to as my others as you can find the time and even if it's just a short hi, leave a comment. Most of us will return the visit. Have a blessed day. Debbie


Welcome to Pink Saturday and welcome to the world of blogging, just blog about what ever your passion is and you will do fine. You will love it. Hugs and we all will be back for a visit! Marilou

olivia parazine

Welcome to Pink Saturday and blogging! I think you will love it and your blog is off to a great start!


Welcome to Pink Saturday, Linda! Welcome to the world of blogging too. It's been a couple of years for me and at first it was pretty intimidating. I have learned a lot and 'met' many wonderful ladies by doing this. I've enjoyed your blog and I will be back. Please stop by and say 'Hello' when you have time. I would love the company! Have a beautiful weekend.



Welcome to Pink Saturday Linda. Your art work, photography and writings are beautiful and inspirational. One thing I have learned over the past year since starting is that you should do this for yourself. I'm a new follower, so will be back! Great job, and HP!! Marcia


Of course we will love you and visit you. That's what bloggers do! I know just how you feel, though. When I first clicked on to that publish button I was scared to death. Now I am so excited to get out a post and join in the whole blessings and love out there!
I am so happy for you as you start this fun journey.
I am your newest follower... and I'll be back.
Happy Pink Saturday and keep on blogging, new friend.


Welcome to the wold of blogging. Trust me you will do just fine. If I can do it, anyone can. It has been very rewarding and fun for me. I feel as though I have an extended family. Believe me, your blogging friends are the best. They will support you and care when others do not. I wish I knew more about different features you can do on the blog, but I am able to get my post published. I still have my issues daily. I am joining your other news friends as a follower.


Dear Linda,

I am so happy you have entered the wonderful world of blogging! I joined in February during the One Worl One Heart event and came out of a deep depression and major ilnness through the love and encouragement of my now 93 blogger friends. I do it first for myself, but as you say, hope people enjoy my poetry enough to come back often. It's not just a poetry blog, it's glamour, arts and crafts, and dealing with life issues. I even started a charity benefit for our troops Cans for Cookies US TROOPS which has turned into another blog, and my doctoral degree pursuit has createdanother blog reading doctor connections. I just know you will find many new friends. Please stop by and enter my giveaways for this weekend.

Poems My Way Valrie


it sounds like you have a way with words and our friendly. I don't think you will have a problem blogging.
Welcome Elaine

Mermaid Debbie



Thank you Beck! The response has been amazing! I'm in for life! Have a beautiful day! Linda


Thank you Debbie for your encouragement! I spent several hours the other night getting my entry going. But now I know. I love this blogging and look forward to my new fellow artistic bloggers. Linda


Thank you Marilou! I blog every day and am getting quite hooked! Have a beautiful day. Linda


Thank you Olivia! I blog with a picture every day so I hope you will be back to visit! Have a beautiful day! Linda


Thank you Yvonne! I am getting quite hooked! Have a beautiful day! Linda


Thank you LaVoice! Your words are most encouraging. Have a beautiful Pink Saturday! Linda


Thank Elaine! I am learning so much. Have a beautiful Pink Saturday! Linda


Hi Debbie! I already checked out your blog yesterday. Love it! Thank you! Have a beautiful Pink Saturday! Linda


I've totally thought all the same things during my first few months (years!!) blogging! The best way that I've found to gain readers is to participate in things like Pink Saturday! You'll do great!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


Thank you Sarah! I hope someday I can say I've been blogging for years too! Linda


G'eve Linda ~ You captured that exquisite rose beautifully. You are going to enjoy all these lovely ladies who blog ... it grabs you & won't let go once you start.

Welcome! Pop by & leave a comment on the blogs ... we love to have personal visits/comments.

Have a wonderful PS week ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon


Thank you Marydon. I have enjoyed the blogging part but this is my first real response. I was thinking about it earlier and thought that yes, this is going to be a wonderful experience. To connect with like minded women, so warm and friendly. I can't wait for more to come. Have a beautiful day, LInda

A Garden of Threads

Welcome to Pink Saturday and to bloggerland. It is full of wonderful, inspiring and talented bloggers. A stunning photo of the rose. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Thank you for the welcome! I knew this was going to be a good thing and it is. Have a beautiful day. Linda


It was a delight to stop by for a visit and yes, I enjoyed reading your blog very much!
Welcome to a wonderful group of ladies.
Happy Pink Saturday!


You will do just fine in time. I felt the same way you did, but I just did my own thing, visited others and left comments. For me, it has paid off. I would enjoy it though regardless.

Erin Houghton

Hi Linda,

Welcome to the world of blogging and Happy Pink Saturday. Your blog is beautiful and your writing and photography lovely. You will love the blogging world - and find there are lots of wonderful people in "Blog Land". Don't worry about comments when you fist start blogging - I found that it takes a while for your blog to be discovered. As you visit blogs and leave comments you will find that you will start getting comments. FYI - lots of blogger have mentioned they are seeing more traffic to their blogs, but fewer comments.
Blesings and Best Wishes,


You're doing great and every blog is unique because we're all unique-sharing is the best part!


Thank you Rebecca! I love this blogger world! Its a blue sky day in Seattle so im off and out to take some fall pictures....have a beautiful day. Linda



Hi Holly....Im finding out that this is a wonderful group of much creativity and warmth....have a beautiful day. Linda



Thank you Erin for your encouraging words. It has been a delightful journey so far. Have a beautiful God-blessed day. Linda



There is something about connecting with creative and inspiring women.....hard to explain to my husband why im so much attending to my blog......



Linda, Wanted to say Hi; I've been reading your posts and looking at your pictures. It brought me peace. There is a peaceful beauty and tranquility in your work. I'm glad we are all in Pink Saturday. Terri


Thank you. Terri...That is my hope and prayer. I too love your blog. Blessings on your day. Linda


Thank you for pretty!


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