He knows our frame...
The Beauty of the Lord

Love is

(my granddaughter and her very good friend Frankie)


Love is kind and patient

never jealous, boastful,

proud, or rude.

Love isn't selfish

or quick tempered.

It doesn't keep a record

of wrongs that others do.

Love rejoices in the truth,

but not evil.

Love is always supportive,

loyal, hopeful,

and trusting.

Love never fails!

1 Corinthians 13:4-8



I love your post for today. Nothing more than a precious child to make the best feature. I love yours and your words.


Thank you. The dog is my sisters and Kiley loves to go visit and play with Frankie. They have a special bond that shows clearly here. The Love is verses are good reminders for me. have a beautiful day.

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