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The Cattle on a Thousand Hills


"For every beast of the forest is Mine,
The cattle on a thousand hills."
Psalm 50

Music and Lyrics by John W. Peterson

He Owns the Cattle

C He owns the cattle on a thousand hills; G The wealth in every mine. G7 He owns the rivers and the rocks and the rills; C The sun and stars that shine. F Wonderful riches more than tongue can tell; D G He is my Father, so they’re mine as well. C He owns the cattle on a thousand hills; F G C I know He will care for me.



mom of m&ms

beautiful depiction of this verse! Love it!


I've always loved this verse, being raised on a farm, I guess being the reason. Thanks for sharing - joining you at Katie's. (I love your blog name!) Red birds being one of my favorites. :)


He owns it all! Lovely shot!


love it... He owns it all indeed!


The cows are my Central California....The Red Birds came from a moment at my mom's...i saw a red bird at one of her feeders and i thought what a wonder red birds are, and pink trees and other such creations.....

Mama Zen

How lovely!


What a wonderful verse, and beautiful shot to pair it with!


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