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Day of Atonement

Day of A╦łtonement, the  Jewish holy day on which Jews fast and pray for forgiveness for the things they have done wrong (sins ), during the past year. It is also known as 'Yom Kippur'. In the days of the Tabernacle, the High Priest offered up sacrifices for God to forgive all the people of Israel. Today, we just need our forever High Priest, Jesus Christ. The one who was the perfect sacrifice for all sin. 


Ok, ok, I know it's not September. But I have been thinking lately of forgiveness. When asked how many times we should forgive Jesus said "7 times 7"...In other words, do it as long as there is a need. 

Sometimes, I think we have a hard time with forgiving because it humbles us. We have to deny our own precious self and self-rights, in order to truly and cleanly forgive. 

But oh my. When you give that gift of forgiveness, first before God, and then as He leads to "that person or persons" who has stepped on your tender toes, the relief, the freedom we experience is like no other. 

Carrying unforgiveness in our heart leads from one burden to another. It grows and entangles the good God wants to do in us. For His kingdom work. 

Look at the cross. A long close look. Perhaps for a whole day of fasting and praying as the Jews do on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement. 

Unforgiveness in our heart, is like quick sand. We aren't going very far til it is resolved.